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in dogon, akan (including baoule) and ewe cultures there is a lot of funeral drumming. less so at malinke funerals. not at all at susu funerals. the music at malinke funerals relates more to who the deceased was, for instance, in gberedu, if a village elder dies, nunakabolo is played. if a konkoba dies, they will play konkoba dunun, etc.
Dugafola wrote:Fatoumata da tuye, Fatoumata da tuye da la wu ya boo!
kon kon kon kon, keneba don sira

you won't find the fafa dunun though on any CD or recording as he's only taught that rhythm once
i was listening to kenedyeli the other day but couldn't hear a direct correlation. if it's not on any cd that makes it nearly impossible. any hints?
as to fatoumata's dishes, nothing is jumping at me thete, either...