Just for giggles
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By Waraba
ClarkeSheena wrote:
DjembeDave wrote:If you get annoyed by people calling your djembe a bongo.

+1! :afro: That sounds perfectly sane

...if you GET OFF on people calling your djembe a bongo!
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By Shane 夏恩
The full moon wakes you up, and you find ANIMAL HAIRS in your BED!

Moon beaming into your eyes and an animal smell present, you jump out of bed to investigate!

You follow a trail of hair to the lounge, kitchen, cookie jar, bathroom, in the Expensive hair clippers!, then! ...... in the mirror you see a hairy BEAST that resembles you! :bearhug: F@#&!!!
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Oh!..... that`s right!, .............. you were shaving hair off goat skin earlier in the night.
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By Shane 夏恩
I _ f _ Yo _ u _ Ta _ p _ Y _ ou _ r _ Fi _ n _ g _ er _ s _ Wh _ i _ l _ eT _ y _ pi _ n _ g

If You Tap Your Fingers While Typing , To the 6/8 short bell.

X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx X xx X X xx
By chin
You walk to work one morning, every step of yours on the downbeat of the rhythm in your head that you have been working on at that period of time...

And when you're walking to somewhere in a hurry, at the same time when you are listening to music on your iPod - if you are listening to Yankadi, you are so compulsed to switch/fast forward to Makru; or if you are listening to some andante dununba rhythm, you start to browse through your ipod to see if you have say... Tiriba in your iPod - simply because you cannot walk in a pace not in-time to the music you're listening, so you'd better switch to a music that is faster...

The above 2 totally happen to me on a daily basis...
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By Shane 夏恩
You may be a djembe player if.......

you get scared to go into your basement or shed at night time, because of all the GOAT SOULS!

BaH aH aH aH aH aH aH aH ! :P
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By Shane 夏恩
You take the kids to the zoo and they want to feed the goats, but you can`t find them.....
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Because they know........... :P
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By michi
I like that one :)

Every time I drive around the country side and see a herd of cows or goats in a paddock somewhere, I keep thinking of all those potential skins… :twisted:

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By Shane 夏恩
Your parents ask you why you never wear that lovely T-shirt they bought you for Christmas...........:roll:
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By Shane 夏恩
You never would do it............ But you do notice your girlfriends dog has lovely
fur and skin :tsktsk:
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Bad bad bad thought....... :twisted: