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Hello all,

Marcus here with an awesome opportunity for you!

Drumskull Drums Premier Line Djembe For Sale:
Clearance Price: $450.00.

This is a gorgeous djembe that has been used for display & demonstration purposes for events and shows. This djembe is going to be steal as the shell is in excellent condition and is ready to be played. Additionally there are no cracks or blemishes to the wood and has been headed with a nice medium thickness goat skin. The only cosmetic blemish is the actual hair over which shows signs of hair loss due to handling and taking the drum in and out of the djembe carrying case. This is indeed an impeccable djembe and was built by the pros at Drumskull Drums. Please contact me directly for questions. or click this link for additional info and to purchase.

Guinea 1
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Guinea 1.1
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Guinea 1.1.1
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