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Anyone find one that works on the ring for a top mount? I have tried the ones for drum rings that don’t fit my c-clamp distance and depth. I have a c-clamp one on top to a lug nut now that spins no matter how hard I tighten the small set screw and strips my lug not good, looks like it will work better at bottom if I attach it to my stand but would like something better there too. I hit pretty hard when I play live and what I have now does not clamp well or rotates. I’m always spinning the mic back in place not good!

PS: I did and search the site before posting.

Thanks! 8)
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Claw works like a charm thanks Michi you da man, and I got a Proline mini boom stand for bottom. I'm running two sure 57's little reverb/delay on both, lots of low eq on bottom really fatten it up, and the one on top I have been running. I like the separate bass and hi-mid response control way better now running two mics. 8)