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By wilton2005
Hy Bodys!
Does anyone knows a good shop to buy djembes in Paris? I"ll be there at the end of the year and i'd like to buy one from western or northerst Africa
By polo
hello, i'm french and I live just near paris... You'll be able to find djembes from guinea,mali or ivory coast at talla galerie shop, you can visit his website yet :

I think it will be cheaper than in US :shock: ...

sorry if my english is not good...
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By Michel
Wow! At Disneyland? In the Lion King souvenirshop? I'm curious about what jembe you got there!
By Paul
Hi, I have a friend in paris who has just been posting some sweet looking drums for sale on Facebook, so send me a message closer the time and I will hook you up if he has any left.

Actually I will ask him to post..