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Hi folks,

my new eBook just made it into the Apple iBookstore:

Djembe Construction - A Comprehensive Guide
Djembe Construction - A Comprehensive Guide
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It gives you the complete run-down on how to re-skin a djembe or build one from scratch. The book includes over two hours of video that show you every step in detail. The text runs to 83 pages, and includes over 120 photos and diagrams. Besides chapters on how to re-skin, there are also chapters on shell selection, how to prepare (and repair) a shell, skin selection, choice of rope, tools, and maintenance.

You also get a nifty rope calculator that takes the guesswork out of how much rope you need for the rings and the verticals. (You can select different types of hitches too, and read-off the loop positions for marking the rings.)

I think it's pretty comprehensive and the only thing of its kind in existence, to the best of my knowledge.

The down-side is that you can read it only on an iPad. (None of the other eReaders can yet handle embedded video and all the interactive features I added.)

[edit: As of October 2013, the book is also viewable on any Mac running OS X Mavericks (free upgrade).

The book costs only a small fraction of what you pay someone to re-skin a drum for you so, even if you follow the advice there only once, you'll come out ahead.

If you buy one, please let me know what you think and, more importantly, please post a review in the iTunes store.


Onilu.BR wrote:Hey Michi, why only on Ipad?? I would love to get this ebook, but i have an android.
I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, the technology won't play ball :( There is a previous thread on this.

Once OS X Mavericks is released, you'll at least be able to read the book on a Mac. Unfortunately, I can't help with Android, Kindle, or Windows :(

michi wrote:OS X Mavericks is out now and free. It comes with a Mac version of iBooks, so if you install Mavericks, you can view the book on any Mac laptop or desktop.

i just converted to the macintoshery. can I pick up a sample of your book to review?
michi wrote:You can get a bit of a preview in the iBookstore: ... 5750?mt=11

A more extensive preview is here:


sweet. just looked at the sample pages. Looks Great, but I'm sure you know that already. I'll pick up a copy one day when I have dispensable income.