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By bkidd
I've been looking for the book that goes with Ranier Polak's "The Jenbe Realbook" CDs. I found this website,, but it looks like they only ship within Germany. The CDs are available on Amazon, but does anyone know how to get the book in the United States? I'd really like to get a hold of the books for both volumes 1 & 2.

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By michi
I would drop them a line and ask for a quote. Most places are pretty reasonable about shipping overseas if you are willing to pay up front.


By JeremyP
Don't know if you had any luck with this one, but my book arrived in perfect order and has set me up with more homework than I can swallow right now!

It's a good position to be in :)

By bkidd
Thanks for the update Jeremy. I ended up going with cdandlp as well and the book arrived just fine.

By amakepeace
I'm just finding out about this book/CD combo now, in 2014. The recommended site (cdandlp) no longer has them for sale as far as I can see.

Can anyone tell me where I can buy the books? The CDs are available elsewhere online (like Amazon) but not the books.
By amakepeace
Thanks djembefeeling and dugafola. The web site will only allow me to enter an address in Germany. Does anyone know if they ship to Canada, and if so, how to go about placing an order?
By amakepeace
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have emailed the web site directly, but got no reply. I also found an email address for Rainer himself, but also got no reply. Any other suggestions as to how to obtain these books?
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By djembefeeling
Just had a week of his masterclass and asked him about that. He says, you can email him ( and he will send you the pdf for a license fee of 5 € per volume on his pay pal account (see email above). Off course, you and everyone who is also interested...
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By korman
amakepeace wrote:Update: The Jenbe Realbooks Vol 1 and 2 are now available for download from Rainer's web site:
That's very generous of Dr.Polak! With the accompanying CD's on the SoundClound, now anyone can study that Bamako drumming style for free.