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By bubudi
those italians didn't do a very good job. the others are the real deal. too bad about the length and poor sound quality. there used to be a good video on youtube of some french guys playing zaouli with the first 6 breaks that mamady teaches (from the koteba ballet), but i couldn't find it anymore.
By bubudi
here's some more....

trad zaouli, poor quality. great dancing and breaks, though

this is a pretty good staged performance, in better quality.

slightly cheesy abidjan performance

zaouli show in gouro country

zaouli from blefla

By bubudi
zaouli from siafla

zahouli from banco

zawuli from gohitafla
By davidognomo
here's one of the greatest clips of Thomas Guei his band. I think I'm not wrong by refering to it as zaouli, am I?

Here's a video I posted a few months ago. Supposedly it's Dr. Djo Bi, as someone commented. Old footage. A lot of tonpalo.

In this thread you have two very nice clips of zaouli, played in a meeting in the states. The description in Youtube says Dr. Djo Bi, but Dugafola commented that it didn't seem like him. Fode Bangoura is there too, but in the zaouli he stands back, probably because it's not his game.
By bkidd
just found this thread. thanks for all the great zaouli videos.