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By Mikeleza
Yes but this technique comes more from playing hand drums and accenting the a "1 a 2 a 3 a 4" like you would if you played samba on a drum kit. Its that classic samba feel and this technique is perfect because the "e and +" have that higher frequency just like any samba ensemble.

The heel toe on pandeiro is also relevant but its a technique done by one hand only, not in conjunction with the other.

E2c, you have a lot of experience with arabic techniques. I would love to learn more.

My wife is a belly dancer and I accompany her sometimes at gigs but I feel a total fraud on the darbuka. I have been experimenting playing the pandeiro with some arabic approaches but I don't know enough about the arabic traditions. I have taken darbuka lessons but I find the basic sound on the left hand too hard to make and believe me, I have already spent hours trying to get that finger slapping happening but process is slow.