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By bubudi
this looks like a must get cd. tanga is one of conakry's best dununfolaw and has been on a few cds such as fode moussa 'lavia' camara, amara camara and the dvd with momo 'grand masta' camara. featured on this cd are some of guinea's top artists:

ibrahima 'boka' camara - percussion de guinee jrs, boka percussions
mohamed bangoura (younger brother of bafode) - current soloist of ballet africains and was soloist in boka percussions
sekou camara (djembe)
bangaly bangoura (djembe) - ballets africains
sekou diabate (djembe - also appears on bangourake's latest dvd)
kader sylla (bala, djembe)
alpha 'abore' toure (sangban, bolon)
mamady mansare jr (fula flute)
mohamed 'kelenta' sissoko (kora)
mohamed lamine keita (gongoma, vocals)

ntanga sings, plays ballet dunun, krin and djabara on the cd.
n'tanga1.jpg (37.38 KiB) Viewed 2346 times
1. moussa nana djiranba 2
2. kassa foly guiba
3. kawadon
4. foret
5. khanouteya
6. yooki (guinee fare)
7. doundounba takossaba-filana
8. djalonkadon
9. doun doun kan
10. sabar n'nakan
11. denadon
12. africa
13. bara

here's an extract from the cd

this is a good CD.

production is slick and everything is clear and audible.

bass is a little heavy but not surprising since it's a dununfola's disc.

arrangements are nice incorporating all the instruments...there are lots of breaks.

boka shreds hard on must of the djembe cuts...especially yoki. i can't determine who the 2nd solist is and it's not listed in the liners.