Discuss traditional west african dancing
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By michi
Yes. I kept waiting for whatever joke Sibo and Mohamed had cooked up there, but it seems they never got around to finishing it.

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By Dugafola
it's probably the main reason i loathe some street parties in conakry.

too fast, too much warra warra and no organization.
By Daniel Preissler
he was doing his show for the whites and the others weren't allowed to do anything.
so in this situation there was too much organization d;-)
By bubudi
this is from a different dununba in matoto, but captures the punchline missed in the first video...

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By Dugafola
cool. i don't get it.

good to see my boy sekou there holding it down.
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By bops
You see this a lot at dununbas in conakry... it's a challenge between the drummer and dancer. The dancer tries to do some fancy footwork, and the drummer tries to punctuate every step. If the drummer manages to mark him step for step, he wins. If the drummer gets tripped up, the dancer wins. Of course, the audience declares the winner.