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By Dugafola
Djibril Sylla was born in 1977 in Conakry Guinea.

He was the top apprentice of Moussa Bolokada Conde in guinea. Djibi played dununs on Bolokada's CDs and DVDs. he also served as lead djembefola for the group when Bolo's not there.

Djibi was one of a kind. extremely soft spoken but a lion on the drum. he absorbed all of Bolo's flavor but added his own style to it. he was super kind and just an overall good person.

he died a few days ago in a traffic accident in conakry.

my buddy put together a tribute video for him...

big love forever brother.
By bubudi
thanks dugs

this boy has some tasty licks and swagger. even when he wara waras he styles it up nice. it says on the video he was run over by a motorbike. only 33 years old. rest in peace.
By BobF
First heard about him a few years ago when some NC drummers went to Guinea and studied with him while Bolo was in CA. Very sad... RIP Djibril.
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By Jessie
That video tribute was awesome. I studied with Djibril for 3 months in Guinea. He truly was a kind guy and and a great drummer. I have footage and audio of him I am trying to compile as well, to help his licks live on.