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By jsoulful53

I purchased REMO's world drumming package "C" this year for my music class. I love drumming, but my formal training is in Jazz/Classical Trombone. The curriculum that came with the drums isn't what I was looking for. What I really want is a bunch of World Drumming Pieces with singing. Anyone know of some good tunes, sheet music or resources?

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By dununbabe
oh Julius, your passion and soulfulness are truly appreciated, but I dont believe that the Remo drums will end up being what you're "looking for" either.

Your best bet will to be to find someone in your area who teaches traditional djembe ensemble music, get a true wooden djembe and learn how to play it- from them- before you try to teach to others. Once you do this, you will see that true djembe playing takes (and gives you back) much more that a Remo will ever be able to offer you. There's no quick fix. Do you remember way back when, when trombone playing was new to you? Were you able to walk out of your first lesson and play "Opus One"?
The djembe requires the same amount of discipline as trombone, or any other musical instrument. Sure its easy to HIT, but just because its an instrument that one "strikes" doesn't mean its easy to truly play! The best I can offer to help you, is if you please will tell us what city/country you're in, we will do our darnedest to research good djembe teachers in your area, and let you know how to contact them. They will be able to lead you in the right direction.
Thank you for your question! :dundun: