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By mat277
This is the original solo for the rhythm Mendiani. It has been tought by Mamady Keita in SanDiego mimi-guinea camp. (April 2007)

Method djembe solo : http://www.djembe-solo.ca
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By Dugafola
i learned it a bit different from him...

he places the end call coming out of the last technique after the bass slap tone tone.

also, i would caveat this by saying it's a set of original solo phrases from Mamady and not *the* original solo for Mendiani. this has been discussed ad nauseum on other forums and lists. Famoudou has his phrases with some that are similar to Mamady's as well as other Masters of the tradition.
By bubudi
it looks correct now. i haven't read the discussions on this topic in any other forums, but i have definitely heard so many other great mendiani solo phrases, but no-one was calling them 'original'. mamady on the other hand teaches this as an 'original mendiani solo', and on his instructional video (early series on vhs) explained that the original solos are original phrases to accompany the dance. other original solos included on that series included soli, garange and dansa.
By db5023
@ bops:

I totally disagree. I've been studying djembe seriously for 6 months and have taught people close to me rhythms that have completely transformed the way they play music.

You just have to be 1 step ahead of the student.

The attitude that someone has to be playing longer than you for you to learn from them is going to limit you
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By the kid

Maybe Bops knows what he is talking about regarding teaching djembe.

One thing people have to know is you think you know how to play until you go and play with real djembe folas. Those days of realization is very humbling and puts you in a place where you have to work very hard to escape. Kind-of un-fathomable until you play a few hours a day for a few weeks with a good player.