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By e2c
however, when people ask for the real scoop on traditional djembe culture, a lot of people on this board feel obligated to represent it properly, to the best of their ability. if you feel that's an issue that is 'forbidding' to people who are new to the territory, then feel free to raise it in another thread. i'd be interested to look at any strategies you might have towards overcoming this issue.
I think densely detailed posts with unsourced information might be what I'm getting at here...

Sometimes it helps to write a bit more narratively (or colloquially), along with adding some documentation/sources.

But I've expressed my opinions on this as well as a number of related issues in the past, so I'm not sure that there's much else to say.

*** Edited to add... ***

Again: this is not intended as a personal attack, b. if you take it that way, so be it, but it is not my intent. As i mentioned to you elsewhere, being able to provide sources establishes credibility, no matter who you [plural] write for and what you're [plural] writing about. I think just about anyone who's spent time writing for publication - web or print - will tell you the same thing.

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By the kid
Everybodies entitles to their opinion(s), bubudi included and you too e2c..

Bubudi answered all questions so thread jack not necessary
Lets keep the info flow constructive or at least try too...
I know bubu's trying.... patiently.... :lol:

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By the kid
Maybe you think so. Any ways don't be afraid to start a new tread if you think there is something you want to discuss in more detail.
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By michi
bubudi wrote:
michi wrote:I don't get why these people chose a paper magazine for this.
michi, the e-publishing idea still doesn't wash with many people. 2 decades down the track, e-books still haven't taken off as predicted. i for one don't want to spend even more time in front of a computer reading an e-mag, when i can take a paper mag to the beach or wherever i want and read it without needing to worry about reception, battery time on a laptop (which i don't even have), etc. i also find the frequencies of hum from computers tiring after a while. i like to keep my computer time to a minimum.
Sure, there is something about a paper magazine that can't be matched by reading on-screen. I also like to curl up with a good book or magazine and just take time off reading. Still, it is getting harder and harder for traditional magazines to survive. It probably is a little easier for specialist niche magazines to continue to survive, and Mandenfoli falls into that category.

Still, for a magazine about music, the ability to include sound and video is a pretty compelling advantage, as is the ability to make content interactive. Just one example: if a paper magazine publishes an article about a new DVD and provides contact details, I have to go to my computer with the magazine and type in an email address or URL. That's very pedestrian compared to having a link in the article that takes me directly to a "Buy Now" page.
i've run into dozens of people who feel the same way and who subscribe to or regularly buy music mags. to quote garvin further up in this thread:
Garvin wrote:This site is the closest thing I've found to a resource which gets close to something like it. And as much as I love all of you guys, it is just not the same as flipping through a magazine. The videos here are awesome but I would love a glossy three page article getting into all of the minutiae of wood, rope, skin and metal. I could read about this stuff ad nauseum.
this also reminds me of the debate between vinyl and cds and audio downloads. part of the vinyl appeal is the generation gap, part is the warmer sound it has, part is the ability to have a 'hard copy' - a real object - to show for your money, that you can stick in the player.
Agreed. But, as with magazines, physical media for music is in decline. Just count the number of CD stores that now remain in Australia compared to the number there were ten years ago. Granted, many of the physical CD sales have shifted to online shops, so the number of physical shops that have disappeared is not necessarily indicative of reduced CD sales. But CD sales are reduced, and there are predictions that they will pretty much disappear over the next ten years.

To underscore that point, iTunes is now the largest distributor of music in the world. And, even though I own about 750 CDs, I ended up ripping the lot of them over the past three years. I now have my iTunes connected to my stereo, and I can use my iPhone as a remote for my stereo throughout the entire house. The reality is that my CD player hardly ever gets used anymore. It's so much more convenient to use the iPhone to pick out whatever song I want to hear, without having to find a CD, take it out of its cover, putting it in the CD player (probably removing the previous CD first and putting it back on the shelf, etc.) and then, for the next song, having to do all of that again.
i posted a free ebook in the media section. judging by the small number of reads and even smaller number of downloads, ebooks aren't a popular choice on this board. of course, a second possibility crossed my mind: that west african folktales might not be so popular a subject, but when it comes to getting something for free that has relevance to what people here are generally interested in... i'd have to say i'm leaning more towards the first possibility.
Count me towards the people who downloaded it. It now lives in my iTunes library and is synced to my iPhone. That's my reading for the trip to San Diego :)
michi wrote:This way, production and distribution costs are way down, and you get a more useful magazine.
there are some definite advantages to e-publishing, but 'more useful' is in the eye of the beholder. if someone likes reading on paper, an e-mag or e-book would not be very useful to them.
OK, let me rephrase: more capable. An e-book can play video, do interactive things, can play sound, etc. A magazine is read-only, not searchable, not indexable, etc. To people who prefer paper, that doesn't matter. But there can be no doubt that an e-book is capable of more than a paper magazine.
here's another question for you: if you're prepared to pay $15-$20 for a quarterly english paper mag of this kind, would you be happy to pay the same amount for an e-mag?
As a matter of fact, yes. The e-mag is actually more valuable to me. It doesn't take up space in my house. I can index and search it. It lasts indefinitely (assuming a sensible backup strategy). It's instantly accessible without having to find it first. And so on. Given that the e-mag doesn't clutter up the place and (to me) is more useful, I'd actually be prepared to pay more than for a paper magazine.
i suspect most people would expect it to be a lot cheaper. therefore i suspect that your idea of e-publishing allowing you to do more per issue with less is, for the moment, not actualised in practice. it probably will be some years down the track...
I do expect things to go this way. A number of CEOs of big-time newspapers have all clearly indicated that the future of their business is in electronic publishing. The iPad is paving the way for magazines to look as good as the paper version, and a lot of magazines are starting to produce e-versions for the iPad. I think we are at much the same point with magazines now that we were with vinyl records in 1984: their days are numbered. It took only about 6-7 years for vinyl to essentially disappear. (From memory, I bought my last vinyl record around 1990.)


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By bubudi
excellent points. i do agree that e-publishing is the future, but i still think that most people think 'less overhead' when it comes to e-publishing and therefore expect a cheaper price than a physical book. if, for example, abdoul doumbia's book was an e-book, i doubt if it would have sold as many copies at the same price. however, that way of thinking is changing as people see more of the advantages of e-media (it's already happening). this being a niche market, i think paper is still viable for a few more years.
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By michi
Here is a clip for Alice on the iPad. This particular example is overdone in my opinion, but it provides a sampling of what's possible with e-books.

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