Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By TomAux
Hi there!

I'm pretty new to the djembe obsession I'm currently reading up a lot and try to practice when possible (living in an apartment house..). I had bought a tycoon "djembe" a few years ago but didn't find enough time and motivation to keep using it, looking back it's clear to me now that i had tuned it far too low anyways to produce good sound. Recently I aquired a number of djembes made from solid wood, soft and hard whenever i saw a good offer. Looks like I'm going to keep the two african hardwood djembe that I like the most, i suspect they might be from ivory coast, their feet are quite slime. One looks to be from iroko and is about 13" and the other looks like a 12" lenke.
Unfortunately we don't have a regular outdoor drum circle yet in the city I live in, so I'm looking into starting one once the weather permits. I have made contact with a more experienced djembe drummer who was drumming in a "ballet" in souther africa for a few years and currently trying to convince her to be a drum circle facilitator.