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By ilnadi
Introduction: I have been messing with several hand drums sporadically for many years (20-ish?). I have a Djembe, several doumbeks, a frame drum, a bodhran, a talking drum I never learned to play, and a few small drums I bought for the kids.
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Never took the time to formally learn playing or maintenance, just winged it. I guess I am a real engineer :^).

Finally the skin on my Djembe died of old age and I figured I should learn something at my old age. Found this forum with a lot of useful information and thought I'd stick around.
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By the kid
There is a lot of info on skin replacement here if you can find it and Michi produced an i book on the subject which is recommended by some forumusers. Maybe someone will post a link or whateva.

I'm presuming you have a djembe and not the remo pictured.