Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By Djoseph
Hello to all,
I am a new member but have been reading djembefola for a bit now.....I love this place.
I'm getting back into playing/building after a hiatus of several years, just re-headed a IC shell (new to me) with rope and a goatskin from Shorty's site.
I have watched many videos, and it's really cool to realize that many of you post here.
I recently found Djembeweaver's videos, they're great.
Also, the building knowledge which is shared here is amazing, Michi and others...Thank you so much.
I've re-headed many drums, basically taught myself how out of necessity, then people wanted to pay me to re-head their drums. Seems I'm not the only one that's happened to.
I've learned at least as much here as I might have known previously, so much good information and discussion.
Glad to be here,
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By the kid
Oh yea, The relapse into the intoxicating world of djembe addiction.

Been there, done that and have to buy the t shirt now, or like, get some new skins or a spool of fancy rope n'stuff, m'kay. lol