Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By Pigtafe
Hey crew, ive been playing Djembe for 6 years now. I played drum kit for 8 years in NewZealand, rock, punk, funk and metal.
Ive been teaching djembe for a year and absolutely love it. I mainly teach kids and people with disabilities. I run a weekly drum circle here on the sunshine coast in Australia.
I am going on my first African trip in 3 weeks with Simon Frasers tour to Ghana.
I've learned heaps from this page already and ive just scraped the surface. Peace.
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By drtom
Greetings Mate,

Welcome aboard!

Sorry for the late response. The site's been going through some growing pains recently, but thanks to djembefolas like you it'll only get stronger now. Hope you'll tell us how your trip went.
By Pigtafe
Trip to Ghana was beyond expectations. I learned lots of different styles of drumming.
Our teachers from Accra, Ga people, taught djembe and dun dun music and also they're traditional kpanlogo drums which I particularly enjoyed.
We had 2 teachers from Burkina Faso who taught djembe, dun dun, balafon and ngoni all beautifully.
We were staying in south east Ghana, Ewe country. So we got to see plenty of drum bands playing Ewe rhythms for different occasions, very mind stretching.

I got into Djembe in Australia, but will be moving home to NZ soon to continue...