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By Alllen
Hello all, My name is Allen, I am from New Hampshire, USA, I have been playing West African style drums since 2003/2004 and have been building drums for about the same amount of time... so I am an experienced beginner. Some of you may know me from my presence on FaceBook's Djembe Repair site where I post a bit or maybe I have met you at the Drum Builder's Conference or one of the many drum and dance festivals in the North East like the Jeh Kulu festival in Burlington Vermont or the Wula camp in the Pocono Mountains.

Anyway I have heard good things about this forum and I hope to have some fun interactions and or glean some useful information, such as the two sets of dunun stands that I built from Michi's plans. I built a set for my teacher master drummer Namory Keita for Christmas a couple of years ago that made him leap and dance when he unwrapped them!!

So here is to learning, here is to community, here is to the family of West African drum and dance.
Blessings, Allen
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By djembefeeling
Welcome to the forum, Allen! I did also start with djembe drumming in 2003 and have lots of fun ever since. And I also learned a bit with Namory. I can literally see him dancing thanks to joy :D