Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By sweetback
Hey all, glad to be here. I've been playing djembe for roughly 25 years but on amateur level. I actually bought my first djembe from Paulo MattiolI in San Diego at a yoga center I think. Still have and play it. A big sicker, almost 16" head. Crazy tone. I also had a chance to meet and spend some personal time with Leon Mobley and his djundjun player JJ. Played, with a group of other audience members, on one of his live cds. It's been a wonderful long journey with the djembe. Played on both coasts and many places in between. Again, I am an amateur in skill level, and nothing here should imply anything more. Don't get me wrong, I play well, but not a lot of lessons. Play mostly in circles, and feel like I can always hold my own, if not lead. Seems like last several years I have become support. Driving it and letting the young bucks step up. Rambling. Thanks for having me.