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By Des804
I made my first Djembe shell recently, its an 8 inch outer 6 inch inner drum and forget how tall it is, and waiting on a friend to help me finish it.. I live in Ohio between Cinci and Dayton and can't get to any of the djembe events that are near me ( to far for me to go ) and dont really have to many people who know about djembes around me. I have two Djembes one is a hand carved djembe with a toca head on it that I used as a template to make mine and the other is a big Djembe I dont know what size head because I never had to change it out that is made of Fiberglass. If my Djembe turns out I plan on making a few more and all Im looking for is help without being told I have to go to this website or that or when I ask a question I don't want to be told to go to a site and buy a DVD on how to do it if I can because Im on a very limited and tight budget.