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By ishtak
Hi guys,

I've recently moved to Madrid from JHB, South Africa. I've been searching around the web for regular djembe sessions, teachers, circles in Madrid and came across the site. So I've registered and am saying hello :)

I've been playing Djembe for around 10 years now, kit drum for around 2 years or so before that. I'm a student and friend of Vaughan Harris (not sure if anyone outside of SA knows his name) who is considered one of the top teachers and players in SA. I've been part of his Percussion Ensemble for about 7 years, although moving to Spain has meant I've had to leave the band as well as leaving most of my instruments behind. I have been able to sneak my teaching drum as well as my didg and some of my smaller perc instruments onto the container shipping all our furniture over :)

I'm itching to get back playing regularly and hope to find some people to jam with in Madrid.

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By James
Hey Justin, welcome to the forum.

I was just in South Africa for a couple of months... it's a facinating place!

I didn't see much djembe action while I was there, but I'm glad to hear there are people playing there :)

Don't worry I'm sure there's plenty of djembe action in Madrid :)

Welcome, to :)