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By Talisker
Hi everyone. I'm in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Bass guitar has been my main instrument for longer than I care to think. But I just acquired a djembe and it's love at first sight (or sound) for this beginner.

I'm in a remote area - so far as I know there are no drum circles or djembe teachers anywhere near me. But if anyone knows of any (I'm about 65 miles West of Inverness), do let me know.

Otherwise I guess I'll be relying on online resources, books and the like to learn (including a great little app for my iPod called Piti-Piti-Pa). Self-taught is not ideal, but I'm going to have a lot of fun anyway!
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By michi
Welcome to the forum! If you look around, you'll find plenty of links to teaching DVDs. In the absence of a real-life teacher, that's the next-best thing.

If you can, try and find some like-minded people in your area and play with them. You can't really learn this music playing only by yourself.


There's a lot of great videos on youtube including extracts from djembe lessons - sometimes even whole djembe lessons simple techniques, complex arrangements.

My favourite youtube channel at the moment ARE lessons uploaded by RYAN C of MOTHERLAND MUSIC but do a youtube search for djembe rhythms or djembe lessons and you'll find something you like I'm sure. ... KuBjtj1L-Q