Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By Jyry
Hi all! My name is Juho and I'm djembefola from Finland (That sounded like an AA-meeting introduction :giggle: )
I've been drumming by myself for a number of years now but I joined two West-African drumming groups about half a year ago because I just couldn't resist it anymore :) (yes there are actually two groups in my home town).
I have many drums and percussion instruments but at the moment only one djembe, a cheap, factory made one I bought waaay back as a teenager but once I gave it a good tuning earlier this year it actually gives out quite satisfying sound, great in fact when considering it's origins. I'm planning on getting a new one in the near future.
I'm very interested in instrument making and woodworking in general and I've worked with a local drum maker to learn as much as I can..
I've tuned many of the djembes from another one of the groups and I'm just thrilled to learn more every day! :D
I just love to play and rhythm is something that I couldn't live without. :djembe:
And I dream to have a long, passionate and intimate relationship with these beatiful drums and music and hopefully they'll take me on many adventures! (West-Africa here I come! ;) )
I think that's about it. Hope to hear and maybe see many of you sometime, somewhere.
Cheers!! :dance2:
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By djembefeeling
Hyvää päivää, Juho!

Sounds like you are an hopeless adict already! You are cerainly right on this froum :D

Did you ever meet Rusty Eklund in Finnland? I think he still get's there once in a while and he can teach you guys cool Malian rhythms.

hei hei, jürgen
By Jyry
djembefeeling wrote: Did you ever meet Rusty Eklund...

hei hei, jürgen
Hi jürgen! And thanks for the welcoming. No I've never heard of Rusty but he seems quite experienced, I googled him but didn't find any info of him ever being in Finland.
drtom wrote:I know your type :tsktsk: - always beating on things to see what you can get out them.

Welcome aboard! :clap:

Hahaa! You're exactly right drtom ;) metal stairs, furniture, buildings, trees, glass objects... Sound is always the first thing I check