Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
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By Pohonasin
This is a test post as well as an intro; I'm not sure if my avatar is going to appear too big or not.

Anyway, on to the introduction. I've been playing drums of one kind or another for about 30 years. When it comes to hand drumming, I'm more of a frame drum and darbuka guy, but forums that cater to that are all but non-existant as far as I can find.

I do play djembe too. In fact, I've been playing djembe longer than I have the smaller, "less manly" drums. ;)

I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the conversations.
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By Waraba
On the contrary, the size of one's drum is compensatory.
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By michi
Waraba wrote:On the contrary, the size of one's drum is compensatory.
Mine's bigger'n yours! ;-)

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By rachelnguyen
Ha ha!

Welcome to the forum, Pohonasin!

Re: small drums- One of the best drums I have heard was a tall, skinny djembe in Mali. It had a cowskin head and it screamed.