Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
By wyshout
I found this site by searching for drum building information. I started to make a first drum that was to be a hollowed out log with a piece of deer skin nailed to it but my sons Pyreneese Mountain dog pretty much ate the piece I was preparing.
Reading past threads inspired me to order an Ivory Coast kit from Shorty Palmer which is acclimating in my workshop. Currently making a couple of tensioning tools and looking forward to getting it playable. Not currently a player but gonna see where this takes me.
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By batadunbata
Welcome to the forums. Props for making your own drum from a log, sorry the dog ate it.
Kit sounds like a good idea, I'm impressed you're building your own right from the start, sounds like a fun project. Do you have a thread about it yet? Would be interested in hearing your progress.