Tell us a bit about yourself. What you're into and what dreams are etc...
Hi All. Got sent here by a friend to join up and check it out.
Basically I an just a 40 something year guy who got into fixing up old djembe drums. Mostly self taught and no one to show me the ropes. It has been 4 years odd of trial and error and a lot of grimes and animal fat along the way. From using our local white goats heavily salted skins and terrible stretchy ropes I am now in a position to say i am pretty comftable fixed up and skinning drums now.
I also play not nearly as much as I would like to and do small team building facilitation session in my area. I also buy ghana djembe and sell them to my customers.

Goals and wants.... I want to improve my skills and learn more about repairs.
I want to find affordable djembe that i can skin or sell to clients and share ideas with other drum builders.
Look forward to learning and sharing.
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By korman
Welcome to the forum!

I am more of a player than craftsman, though I've reskinned a few djembes and dunduns. Importance of rope quality cannot be understated! Best results have been with rope ordered from Germany, but its a bit expensive.. I still haven't found a good local rope supplier.