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By James
Hey Guys,

I'm currently in Australia and am super keen to meet other drummers while I'm here....

I'll be round for a year, hopefully. Currently in Sydney, but will also be in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and more over the coming year....

If anyone want's to meet up or tell me about what I shouldn't miss while here, I'm all ears!

James :) :dundun:
irish/aussie joke .. "whats your hobbies sport?"

James see if ya can locate some kangaroos. we'll give um a lash on a djembe
warning bout the aussie wild life, ..mind the killer chickens(thats a big fierce chicken).don't be reenacting any scenes from the crocodile hunter.

take it easy.
hey man thats cool, we used to play guitar when we were teen agers. tis a small world. Sure if ya see him again send him my greetings.

No Kangarous yet. Not even a kanger-burger. sorry Skippy.

peace man. i got a text the other day and was wonderin who was 'Jimmy' , now it makes sense. Have a great time out there. hello to S. peace man
KEANIEirishdjembe wrote:James see if ya can locate some kangaroos. we'll give um a lash on a djembe
i did that years ago - sounded better than domestic goat, almost like thinner cow skin. farmers here consider kangaroos a pest.

speaking of muhanamwe, that's aliou sylla's band. he was up here last weekend doing a workshop. james said he's gonna post up some footage of the performance after the workshop.
Hey James I've just returned to london from living in melbourne.if you want to meet some great players try simon fraser at african drumming in st kilda and theres bouba and mady keita and simon lewis aswell.simon fraser can put you in touch with all theses guys.good luck!!
who can I play djembe with in london?
James Mack