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By shiv
I'm hoping to travel to Guinea in the next few weeks for a couple months to study (primarily to do dance but I'll be looking for some good djembe/dun classes too). I've been to West Africa a number of times by myself already...mostly Senegal and have studied djembe/duns and dance so i know how the show goes! As being a white, female can be quite 'exhausting' being in Africa I'm just wondering if anyone's gonna be around Guinea in the next couple months that would be up for meeting up to do some study in percussion and dance or has any info on where to go etc. I'll prob start off in Conakry but would like to travel to some villages etc too. Cheers
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By djembefeeling
A nice and helpful guy from Switzerland lives in Conakry, who lives on building drums for the European market. When I was in Guinea, I lived at his place from time to time to have a rest from the exhausting life there. He has created a little paradies in the midst of this chaotic town. you can live there in your own small round house in the traditional style, but with modern sanitary installations (toilet and shower).

check out this link to a website of a swiss friend of his, where you can find some photographies of his place, his address, and phone number:
By shiv
Hey, thanks a mill for the info. I contacted him and he's gonna help me get a cheaper visa and i'll prob stay there for a night or two as well so cheers!