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By CBeatgirl
Kia ora everyone,

Letting you all know there is a regular drum circle group in Hamilton Aotearoa New Zealand!
We've been holding circles since 2005, and meet usually once a month on or around full moon (though sometimes other times, depending what we have going on).
All skill levels are welcome, from beginner through to advanced, the only prerequisite is that you are respectful and happy to play in a group of mixed ability. No competitive players thanks! We're here for a time of shared connection and community through drum and dance, not to out play each other :)

More info about us can be found on our MySpace page:

Facebook users can also join our Facebook group:
Drum Circles - Hamilton Aotearoa NZ

Looking forward to sharing beats with you :) :dundun:

Corinna BG
By luxiaoya024

I'll be get NZ at the end of Mar start my working holiday. I play djembe and dundun in shanghai China, usually we have drum circle in the park in a fine day weekend except routine classes and performance for the public. I'll travel with working somewhere all over the NZ.Surly include Hamilton,love to see you and people there :)

please add me in your group in facebook,thank you

Yolanda Lu