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By robinfinland
My name is Robert and I am a beginner Djembe player. It is hard to find people to jam with. So I post here a new topic and try to find more people who would love to play for fun in or around south of Finland. I myself live in Järvenpää, but Helsinki is no problem for me to come to.
If you know a group of players that come together some times, or if you'd like to do this yourself. Mail me and who knows we can set up something...
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By admin
HI Robert, You're very welcome.

is there much djembe going on in Finland? I must admit, I haven't heard anything about djembe in Finland before.

If I ever get to Finland, I'll be sure to get in touch. Until then, let me know if you're ever in the South of France. :)

By robinfinland
Hey thanks James,
Yes I found a guy who'd like to teach me better even. Hos name is Rusty Eklund (from vagabond tribe) So I'm ok for a while. Also my course in Järvenpää started again, so maybe one day I'll be a real "djembefole" ;)
ps. I might be in Nice some time end of the year....