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Djembé-, Dundun & Dance: Maninka music Party in Southwest Germany

SATURDAY 5th March 2011 in Freiburg,
Tanzstudio Lokomotion, Lagerhausstraße 25., 79106 Freiburg/Breisgau
(close to France and Switzerland))

The party starts at 7 p.m.:

!!!Free play and dance - traditional upper guinean malinke style!!!

A party for all the fans of drumming and dance from Freiburg and the whole world. We play maninka music from Guinea/West-Africa on Djembés and Dunduns without any arrangements or plannings. Some people nearly play the whole night, others play sometimes, others dance or just watch and listen. A nice meeting of people from the region and several countries (G., F., CH, GUI, ...) and the opportunity to play, exchange and party, anyway.

The superior goal of this “fête”/”tolon” is to climb one more stair concerning the relation between the dance and drumming communities, to establish a functionality of this kind of drumming music in western countries step by step and to use the immense fun that traditional west-african dance can be for our comprehension of the music (musically as culturally) – so, a quite egoistic goal, but at the same time as social as nothing else on earth!

further information:
Daniel Preissler Konaté
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Party in Freiburg September 2009
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