Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
By Jacab
Would be grateful for any info on Djembie classes in Gambia going on Holiday there on the 7th december 2009 for 2 weeks going on my own so glad of contacts and am on a bit of a tight budget Gwen
By Paul
Afraid its been awhile, The kid has been there more recently...
I would say there are quite a few charlatans over there. But for sure there are good guys coming up from Guinea all the time... I went to some camps in Cotu silo which could best be described as brothels..
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By the kid
Hi gwen,
good luck with your trip.
If you need some info on gambia for accomodation or some clues as to where to find a drum or dance teacher , give me a mail on freedrum at gmail dot com
take it easy