Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
By gar05189
hey, if there´s anyone that plays around Guatemala or knows of a teacher with tons badassery to teach let me know!
By bubudi
bienvenido hermano! someone in your country is bound to search for djembe players or drums in guatemala, and they will come across your post. so take courage, you'll soon find some drummers to play with. do you have any local music publications that you can advertise in? that is also a good way to find other drummers.
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By the kid
in the mean time just chill on beach sippin pina colada, lookin cool..with djembe of course
By Paul
Hi man,

I went on a tour of Mexico and Guatamala about 4 years ago.. Played a couple of nights in towns around Lago Atitlan,, San Pedro and San Cristobal I think..(it was rainy season so the drum sounded crap) The scene wasnt as big as in Mexico where its realy taken off... Try finding some other players and contacting a teacher then. I try and bring a teacher over every three months.. If they are good they can give you alot to work on till the next time..
By gar05189
yeah i hear that lake atitlan has some djembe action, i will definitely have to make the 4 hour trip from the city one day
By senderomusical
Hello All:

My name is Luis , I am in Guatemala for 2 months leaving middle of Dec, I am a Djembe Teacher traditionally trained in Senegalese, Guinean and Mali styles of playing. Studied with members of The national Ballet of Guinee. If you are interested in learning traditional music for the Djembe drop me a line and lets make contact. Happy to be joining the forum. Play On.