Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
By Paul

One of my students has just moved to Vancouver and I would like to find about teachers for them.. Any ideas. Traditional stuff, they share my dislike of anything hippyish..
By marchello
I am taking private lessons from an amazing musician. It is a bit a drive from Vancouver about 1hour, it's worth it :)
By Pawl
Hi,Are you yalking about Vancouver ,Canada...or USA ?
By bkidd
Hi Paul,

Your student might want to check out

Russell is a great guy who definitely teaches traditional stuff (has spent a fair amount of time with Mamady and Famoudou).

By DjembeKevin
I would recommend a different teacher, Russel is great but I prefer to take lessons with Kesseke Yeo. You can find him on face book. he also has videos of african dancing on youtube with some drummers he trained playing the music. He is from Ivory Coast, his class is a great deal, 2 hours of non-stop drumming of traditional rythym for $15 (way under priced). Also he does lesser known and more difficult rythms, such as Manjani, Zouli, Abodan as opposed to all the other teachers who are not from Africa and mainly teach Kuku, balakulandjan, etc.

check this video, ... re=related

He also teaches Dance, and that is him leading the class, all drummers playing were trained by him.

his email is
his phone number is 604 317 9156 and he classes are Wednesday at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, on Fraser and 15th the studio is called 5 star international. Check it out.
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By Dugafola
i've never heard abondan like that. interesting.
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By michi
Dugafola wrote:i've never heard abondan like that. interesting.
Same here. That's definitely not Abondan. The Abondan I know is ternary, and I don't believe that there is a binary version.

Without dunduns for the class, it's not possible to identify the rhythm definitively. From the djembe accompaniments, it could be Kuku, Djagbe, Soli Lent, Balakulania, or something else.

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By Dugafola
i think i have 3-4 different recordings of abondon and they don't sound anything alike really but they are ternary. this is the first binary one i've heard.