Find other drummers nearby or on your travels.
By Hannah
I currently live in norwich, Norfolk and learn Djembe with Anna mudeka. However, Im going to university in september in Bath and wondered if anyone knew of any drumming groups around the area that i could join?

Things happening in Bristol but not so sure about Bath.
Keep an eye out for events/workshops in St Werburghs area of Bristol, the community centre there holds one off workshops with Ayodele Scott and other guest teachers. Think there is something happening at the end of October with Ayo.Check out yahoo group for "west african drumming UK" group that can keep you posted on local workshops, events and details of the above mentioned workshop. Other places to check out Malcom X centre, St pauls. Afidance, Hamilton House, Stokes class but may know of contacts.
African Sambistas, St Georges Community group that may know of drumcircle or other drummers.

Hope this helps abit, if i here of some definates i will forward details