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In July 2016 Mohamed Gueye invites you to join him with his father Medoune Yacine Gueye in Senegal for the Coumba Castel Cultural Tour in honour of Goree Island. Joined by artists from Haiti and the US, participants will have the unique opportunity not only to explore the history of Goree Island in relation to the cultural arts of the African diaspora, but to also study the traditions and roots of Senegalese culture with three generations of the griot Gueye family.

Join us from July 15th - 29th in Petit Mbao, Dakar, for 2 weeks of drumming and dancing with some of the most sought after teachers today!

This workshop is not only about drumming and dance, but it enables students to see, learn and be immersed in the culture and history of a traditional Griot family in Dakar, Senegal. Students will understand the the historical significance of performing arts in the mastery of griot traditions. The workshop will take students back to the roots and reality of life in Senegal for Griots and other artists.

You will experience the traditional medicine festival called Ndeupeu, as well as visiting Goree Island and various markets. You will see many different stunning performances including the Ndaw rabin dancers at a Lebou festival and enjoy the traditional fishermans boat race!

You will also enjoy the famous local Senegalese party or 'Taneber' on the last weekend of the trip!

Students are offered the following classes each day (excluding excursion days). You can choose which classes you would like to participate in- all or none, it's your choice!

Morning: 2 hour djembe class every other day
Morning: 2 hour dance class every other day
Afternoon: 1 hour Tama (talking drum) class
Evening: 2 hour Sabar class

Included in the workshop price:
One Wolof lesson,
Breakfast, lunch and dinner (vegetarian option available). Food will be traditional Senegalese style! Accommodation - will be in a large house, with an area for socialising, and 2 students to each bedroom.
Transport to and from the airport.
Up to 3 classes a day!

Extra dance lessons, cooking lessons and Wolof lessons are available on request and can be arranged very easily for you at the time! Similarly, any other cultural excursions can be arranged for you. Please note that extra activities and classes will not be included in the workshop price.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to take part in a 2 week festival, where workshops are tailored and focused on meeting students individual needs!

Workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Not included:
Travel insurance
Spending money
Extra excursions
Extra classes

Things you will need:
Malaria tablets

Deposit required to secure your place £200 (non-refundable)
Cost: £850

Get in touch for details of how to make your payment.

Payment Plan:
We are offering a payment plan option to make it easier for students to go on their dream holiday! Payments can be made in installments from January 2016, on the 15th of each month until April, when final payments must be made. Get in touch for more information on this or if you have any questions!

Contact Details:
Mohamed Gueye, 07763281361
Penny Elkins 07933247222