We are announcing to the public now the Famoudou Konaté Workshops series on our Trip To Africa in Guinea 2016 —— January 9, 2016 to January 30, 2016. Extremely exciting! Your chance to study with THE Grandmaster and his crew at the home and compound of the Konaté family in Simbaya Gare. We already have 9 deposit checks so the trip is ON! Famoudou is very excited about the possibilities and he sounds amazingly strong, like always. He says he will make it extra special! This could be the last Guinea workshop with Famoudou so don't miss out on studying with the man who will show you from his hands to yours, ALL he can give in 3 complete weeks.

This is the most exciting trip out there this year! We know you have a choice when traveling to learn drum, dance, tambin, bala, ngongoma and chant, history, relevance, the generational attributes and rhythms per generations...And there are a few good trips. However, there is no one man alive today who can share all that with you like Famoudou Konaté. And with DrumConnection, Boston's World Music School and Shop, providing the structure, food quality, rest time, day trips, my family and friends, you can not be in better hands. Ask anyone who has traveled with us before. We can supply a list of past attendees who will sing the praises of how WE do a workshop in Africa. Ask Famoudou himself!

If you have studied with Famoudou Konaté and the crew, his family, before, you know that there is no one person alive today who knows the repertoire of the Konaté of Hamana. He has performed and taught in most every country and is known as the Bibliothèque of the Malinké Rhythms. If you are unsure, ask around. And the way we handle workshops is unparalleled. Food will be traditional African, cooked by thoughtful African chefs. Vegan options always available. If interested, call, write or text as time is short. We will help you every step of the way. Our organization will treat you like family and give you as much support to make this happen for you!

Guinea vs. The Gambia Discussion. At present we have decided that we will hold the workshops in Guinea at Famoudou's Home. However, we keep a daily watch both in the news and on the ground, yes daily, to see what is happening with Ebola. The final decision will be made October 10, 2015 which is the due date of the $500.- deposit check is requested. Full tuition must be paid before December 30, 2015. Please see the website's below for more info.

The trip will have a 25 person limit. A wait list will be started when we hit 25.

For more info and to register, http://www.famoudou.com
Alan Tauber

Boston, MA
Phone: 001 617 686 6080