This is a great news, but not mentioned yet on this forum board. Why not?
We expect amazing event going to occur very soon! :afro:

Mansa Camio is coming with his family to Europe and makes big turnee through the continent.
It starts on February 21st and finishes on May 17th. He will visit and lead workshops in the cities:
  • Passau (Bavaria, Germany) close to the Austria and not far from the Czech Republic
  • Opole (Upper Silesia, Poland) not far from Germany (highway road connecting with Berlin)
  • Berlin (capital of Germany) - you know where it is
  • Bamberg (Bavaria, Germany), still not far from the Czech Republic
  • Ostrava (Czech Republic), close to southern Poland and to western Slovakia
  • Munich (again Bavaria, southern Germany), close is Austria
  • Regensburg (Bavaria too) closer to Czechs
  • Liège (of Belgium) close to Netherlands and to Cologne of eastern Germany
  • Hamburg (northern Germany), to which people from Denmark may come too...
  • Rotterdam & Amsterdam-two times (coastal Netherlands)
  • Nuremberg (yes, again Bavaria) close to the Czech Rep.
  • Münster (of Westphalia, eastern Germany), not far from the Netherlands
  • Paris (capital of France) - final destination...
Description of the trip is like below:
Did you know, that Kassa is not only the family of rhythms? It is the process of working on the fields (farming), for which:
  • we have drumming for this workers on the fields
  • the workers are young men from one generation or just a group of friends (eg. from one band), who work on request of the field owner in the known period of time (1 to 7 days) and for the same wager (money, goat, cow)...
Which rhythms are played? Which chants are sung?
Do you know, that there is proper order of rhythms, which should be played one after another? How sounds Kassa? Questions, questions...
Do you want to know the answers for all such questions? Do you want to learn more about Malinké music?
Mansa Camio, master drummer, known for his knowledge, devotion, passion and love for the tradition, he is perfect person, who will answer your questions... Also this year he will come to the tour on Europe to give concerts and workshops. He will have good time, to share with you...
For more information you can contect with me, Abdoulaye Camara, son on Mansa Camio, or with Hans Freundshuber, any time you want.
From my site I can guarantee Mansa will teach not only Kassa family rhythms. At least also doundounbas (as it is planned in the Opole, Poland). I invite you in behalf of Polish nation to our country to this beautiful workshop and a concert. Beside Mansa Camio, among guests we will have also his sons Abdoulaye Camara and Sory Condé, maybe his doughter Kady too, great dancer Aboubacar Sylla (workshops in Wrocław), Pavel Novak & Marcela from Camara band from Czech Republic, Tiriba band from Wrocław, Ethno Drums from Opole, and guests from all over Poland and from neighbouring countries... :dundun: :clap:

The dates of the workshops are listed on the screenshots below:


If you need more information, feel free to ask in this topic :)