Hey folks. I always think about checking in on this forum way later than I should.
Hopefully if you're in the PNW (usa north west) or travel frequently for good drum and dance you have already heard through other channels about this camp.

This is a very unique camp that focuses on Modern and Traditional arts of Guinee, West Africa and beyond. Last year was a blast with Wadaba Kouruma and Moustapha Bangoura as the Grands, and this year should be just as interesting and eye opening bringing in Sayon Camara being joined by Moustapha Bangoura once more. The artist lineup is a fierce one and includes many young up and coming artists based in the United States. Initially Fara Tolno was booked, but due to unforeseen circumstances he will not be able to attend. I believe that Fana Bangoura will be returning this year in his stead but it is worth checking in if you have questions.

The amount of potential packed into 3 days at this camp is INSANE. Dance and drum classes are held simultaneously in 2 locations, 1.25 hours in length with 15 in between. This is from morning to night and will surely exhaust you if you don't pace yourself. Manimou Camara is the driving force behind this camp. He is an incredible human who is adept and organized and lives with one foot in two worlds. God willing there will be surprise guests this year too. Please share this with your dance communities as well. It is such a treat to share a weekend with this many artists of all calibers and backgrounds, students and teachers alike. Manimou will make you shine like you've never thought possible through his dedication to his teachers, students and these valuable arts. This is well worth the trip.

Check the site or the FB page for updated information on artists and schedules.

Here's a clip from the Dunnunba party last year at camp.
[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[spam removed][/video]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[spam removed]
Thanks for reading. Hope you are all doing well.