The Bundagen drum and dance camp with Epizo Bangoura is happening again this year, 28 September to 4 October. Registration details are at http://africadrums.com.au.

For those of you who haven't been there before, this is the biggest drum and dance camp each year in Australia. Epizo is an outstanding teacher, and the camp attracts some of the best African dancers in Australia. This year, there will also be separate dundun classes!

It all happens in an eco community in Bongil-Bongil national park. The place is magnificent, with tons of wild life, rainforest, and a picture-book beach with great surf ten minutes walk from the camp.

It is camping only, so you need to bring a tent. You can either bring your own food, or you can eat really good food three times a day prepared by community volunteers. It's all vegetarian, mostly prepared from produce grown by the community, and absolutely delicious. Cost last year was about $9.00 for lunch and $11.00 for dinner. (Breakfast is also available, as are really good cakes.)

Make it to the camp, if at all possible. If you only go to one camp a year, that's the one to go to. The camp culminates in a performance on the Saturday night where we perform for the local community and show off what we have learned during the week.

The camp is something of a family event—quite a few people show up with partners and children. There is plenty of stuff to do, so some families make a holiday of it.

Hope to see you there in October!


Bundagen Drum and Dance Camp 2014
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