By davidognomo
hey, Rusty, just to warn you: you end your text description saying you prefer email contact before phone call, but you didn't put your email address, I think (at least I didn't find it).
By music
Upcoming dates
Apr 25-27 Des Moines, IA
Apr 30 Bend, OR
May 3-4 Ashland, OR
May 5 Seattle Djembe class
May 6 Olympia, WA
May 7 Seattle Dunun class
May 10-11 Sand Point, ID
May 12-13 Bozeman, MT
May 21 Live on air with Will Ridenour
May 22 Roanoke, VA
May 23 Lynchburg, VA
May 24 BON Charlottesville, VA
June 14 Batteau Festival, Lynchburg, VA
June 21 Easter Island, Lynchburg, VA
Aug 29-31 Floyd Yoga Jam, Floyd, VA
By GumboArts
We hosted Rusty in Ashland for his Workshop Series. Not only were they a success, but Rusty is professional and offers a good challenge that is attainable to the students. His teaching style opened doors that the students did not even know existed previously.

We are thankful to learn the Mali style of playing djembe and the ensemble. There appears to be a shortage of good teachers in this country of this genre, and Rusty knows his material inside and out. His pedagogy is easy to follow while allowing for multiple levels in the same class.

We look forward to hosting Rusty again in the future.