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Djembefola - Djembe Forum •Djembé- and Dundun WS + Dance-WS + PARTY in Freiburg/Germany
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Djembé- and Dundun WS + Dance-WS + PARTY in Freiburg/Germany

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:23 pm
by Daniel Preissler
Djembé- and Dundun WS + Dance-WS + Party
SATURDAY 5th March 2011 in Freiburg,
Tanzstudio Lokomotion, Lagerhausstraße 25., 79106 Freiburg/Breisgau
(close to Frane and Switzerland))
A) Drumming-workshop Dundunba (Könöwulen): for Dundunba-connoisseurs
B) Dance -Workshop Dundunba (Dundungbè, Könöwulen, Gbada): for Dundunba-connoisseurs (drummers) and others (dancers)
C) Party at 7 p.m.: for everyone! Free play and dance (malinke style)

A party for all the fans of drumming and dance from Freiburg and the whole world. We play maninka music from Guinea/West-Africa on Djembés and Dunduns without any arrangements or plannings. Some people nearly play the whole night, others play sometimes, others dance or just watch and listen. A nice meeting of people from the region and several countries (G., F., CH, GUI, ...) and the opportunity to play, exchange and party, anyway.
The program going along with this “fête”/”tolon” includes a djembé and dundun workshop for semipro players as usual, and (new!) a short dance class, too. In this dance class basic steps and “échauffements” to several dundunba rhythms will be shown and practised 

No high level of or dance experiences are demanded for the dance workshop – but very welcom. Conditions are either dance experiences OR experiences with dundunba as a drummer or dancer.
The more people deal with this group of rhythms, the easier becomes the dance – and the other way around: The more people dance, the deeper their understanding for these rhythms (and others)!

So, on the one hand during this dance workshop dancers get the opportunity to treat traditional music from Upper-Guinea directly, to get to know procedures and codes (“blocages” and presignals by djembé or sangban); on the other hand it's the chance for drummers to experience the other, the dance side of it and to learn much about the music's fête character and the sense or non-sense of variations and solos.
A potential heterogeneity of niveau will be treated as in the “Bara” (the public place of a malinke village): adepted dancers will dance more in the front, newcomers to dundunba dance more at the back of a line of dancers. Thus the first can learn to lead a group of dancers (to dictate the next “échauffement” step for example), while the latter always have a perfect spy position.

During the “fête”, where the dancers of all levels can directly and independantly act and interact, the workshops participants (dancers and drummers) can even deepen the new stuff and their skills in general – having great fun, by the way!
At the next dundun party you will be able to do it on your own!!

Participants of the drumming class, who don't participate in the dance class, can play for the latter. The rhythm Könöwulen will be treated in the drumming class, the most important basics, one “échauffement” and some variations and solos will be developed on the first workshop day. A good knowledge of the two other rhythms (Dundungbè and Gbada) is expected (at least for the Sangban, Dundunba and solo part of the dance accompaniment). The second workshop day of the drumming class, further variations and solos will follow.
The participation in the dance accompaniment is a) gratis and will b) not be paid!
The maximal number of participants is 8 (!) for the drumming workshop, 12 for the dance workshop!

The superior goal of this weekend is to climb one more stair concerning the relation between the dance and drumming communities, to establish a functionality of this kind of drumming music in western countries step by step and to use the immense fun that traditional west-african dance can be for our comprehension of the music (musically as culturally) – so, a quite egoistic goal, but at the same time as social as nothing else on earth!

workshop hours:
drumming workshop: Saturday 1-4 p.m. & Sunday 11-14 a.m.
dance workshop: Saturday 4.30 p.m.-6.30 p.m.

drumming workshop 80,-€; dance workshop 30,-€; both 100,-€
discount until 31st of January 5,-€.
PayPal account afoba_daniel@yahoo.de
inscription and further information: danielfpk@web.de
Daniel Preissler Konaté www.hamana.de

PS: on my myspace site you'll find some of my pupils (from G, CH, F) playing Gada: http://www.myspace.com/danielkonate/mus ... 9-78119975