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Drum & Dance workshops in Norwich, UK

Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 10:42 am
by hans
Drum Workshop + Dance Workshop, in Norwich, UK
with Hans Sutton and Emma Nelson,
Saturday and Sunday 21st-22nd April 2007

10:30am-4pm Intermediate Drumming £18
4:30pm -6pm Dance (all levels) £10
Evening - Meal all together somewhere in Norwich

10:30am-4pm Adv. Drumming for Dance £25 (or £22 if you're dancing)
4:30pm -6pm Dance (all levels) £10 (or £18 for Sat+Sun)

Emma Nelson has studied Guinean dance intensively and has just returned from a study trip to Senegal. She performs with West Midlands troupe Bambadinka and teaches West African dance to beginners of all ages in Warwickshire. She will be teaching Guinean/Senegalese choreography, with a fun warm-up to introduce you to the dance style. No previous experience necessary, though Sunday’s workshop will develop and refine the material learned on Saturday. There will of course be live drumming accompaniment from myself and the drum workshoppers.

The intermediate drumming workshop on Saturday will take you through the rhythm to be used in the dance class, covering the Djembe and Dundun parts, variations, break, exercises, perhaps some solo phrases and a song, all with notation provided to take home. Any of the drummers who don’t participate in the dance workshop can help out by playing accompaniment.

In Sunday’s advanced drumming workshop we will focus on a series of solos to mark the choreography, and we'll be able to practise this in the dance workshop at the end of the day. There's a bit of a discount for anyone who will be taking the dance workshop itself.

Drummers should bring lunch to share. Please get in touch if you need a place to stay on Saturday night.

Contact me on hans@cantab.net / 07736 458440 for more info or to book your place for any part of the weekend. Booking essential.

bext wishes,