Other west African instruments, like balafon, ngoni etc.
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By djembefeeling
The kora with it's 21+ strings is really hard to play, and to master it is almost a fulltime job. So I marvel at those who master it as amateurs, the more so when they didn't grow up in Africa.

Here are the two guys I deeply admire for their ability to truly capture the spirit of this music. I know, the attitude of the first player is somehow to much in this esoteric spirit thing, but still the music is overwhelming; so please rather listen to than watch :)


this next guy is incredible. such a mastery is the result of great talent plus early start (with 8 years). toumani diabate was his mentor and teacher. listen also to his cd, with traditional tracks of the kora repertoire as well as great compositions of josh doughty:






o.k., to give also give credit to African players just one example:


for more interesting videos look at this channel on youtube:

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By djembefeeling
Here is another guy from England who knows how to play the instrument:



I wondered if there aren't equally good French players, and finally I could find this guy:



a bit off topic, but I like it so much, I've got to pull attention to this great African-Western cooperation: