Other west African instruments, like balafon, ngoni etc.
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By Rhythm House Drums
The djembe was my first - and I fell hard for her. But in my quest for pushing the envelop and staying creative I was feeling a pull towards congas and the tonal range. I love the attack and abrasiveness of a djembe, but sometimes I just want to chill to a mellow groove... So - I started playing around with congas. My first few congas were rope tuned and came out great. As a miniConga I can keep the price down by offering rope tuning and portability without compromising sound.

I finally nailed down how to fabricate the hardware for a more traditional conga - and I have done so using stainless steel. The hardware is completely hand cut/bent and finished with bead blasting for a matte sheen. Check it out -
Conga-Hardware-SidePlate-Lugs.jpg (204.41 KiB) Viewed 1726 times
Conga-3.jpg (563.55 KiB) Viewed 1726 times
MiniCongaQuinto-XLAshiko.jpg (393.21 KiB) Viewed 1726 times
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By michi
Very slick indeed, congratulations! :)

Definitely one of a kind, without the mass-produced look of the LP offerings and the like. The light-colored band looks great too!