Other west African instruments, like balafon, ngoni etc.
By Paul
Which one - Nigerian or Mali/Senegal type.. I have been told that they should be stored under pressure. ie. wrap cord around the waist/centre of the tama and pull it tight when your not using it. I would imagine a drum that relies on being stretched to produce different sounds would require a deal of playing in..
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By Waraba
I followed the link. The company has done some bizarre things to their djembes. Not to my taste.

My first tama, from Mali, also, had the same issue. No range. I have no useful advice, only commiseration.
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By michalkow
I've just mounted a new skin on my tama, and it sounds great with full range of sound. So the only way to resolve the problem is to change the skin. I don't know why the previously mounted skin sounded bad, maybe it was too thin.
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By Waraba
i should send you mine. It's been broken for years. No one I know in the area is willing to fix it.