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By michi
music wrote:Yes, that last one was Melissa Hiè...as well as this one. check her out here
I know you've been playing with her. I bet that is loads of fun! :)

By djembeweaver
Mikeleza wrote:archetypo

Great video... I like your soloing, sounds perfectly fine to me.

I agree. It's in time, your sounds are great and you play some nice phrases.

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By ronulli
Hey everyone!

Such a cool & inspiring post.
My name is Roni Parnass and I'm an Israeli Djembefolette! I also play other percussion instruments - cajon, congas, bongos, darbuka, balafon and more. Yet West African drumming has by far been my biggest musical passion. There's a nice, small growing community of West African music in israel, with masters coming in 2-3 times a year, West African Drum & Dance groups and more. I've been playing djembe for 15 years now. I have two groups of my own - Perfusion -
https://www.facebook.com/PerfusionEnsemble- an African / Middle Eastern inspired dance & music ensemble, and Malaika - https://www.facebook.com/malaikatrio - an all-women's percussion trio.

Here's a few little snippets of my djembe playing. Would love you hear what you think.



You're also very welcomed to join my artist page on facebook to stay in touch, and leave comments if you like what you see :)


If you're planning a visit to Israel... make sure to drop me a line - we'll jam some!
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By ronulli
Yeaaaa very cool!
No I actually started with the Djembe and have been playing it for 15 years now. I did get into a kind of conga rhythm and pattern in this solo.. But Djembe is my biggest love :-)
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By michi
Sorry, I don't have names. Their website hasn't been updated in a long time. They were supposed to have come to Australia last year, but I don't believe they did. At least, I didn't hear anything :(

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