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By Bruno Allard
Hello everyone,
Short of going to Guinea, what are some of the most worthwhile resources for learning songs that accompany rhythms? I really appreciate albums like Mamady Keita's Sila Laka, because it includes songs that are accessible as well as lyrics and translations. There are also websites like MandeBala.net. Paul Nas's website has lots of lyrics and translations too, but no recordings. Are there certain CDs you would recommend that include lyrics and translations? What about books (that include recordings)?
Looking forward to your responses.
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By Bruno Allard
Thanks Djembefeeling,
I'll read through it, and I'm sure I'll find lots of goodies, but I noticed that it mentions videos and attachments that I can't see. Have they been archived or what? How can I get to see them?
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By the kid
Embedded vids and clips don't show for some people for some reason. Try using another web browser.

Or Hit the Quote button in any post while signed in and you will see the youtube address

For example i embedded a clip from that thread posted. So you hit quote in this post and you will see the video address

By andrew21
Hey Bruno, I find Sila Laka to be a great resource for songs too. That's probably the album I've learned the most songs from. I also really like Bolokada's CD called Morowaya. I love the song for Den Don on there, and that album has the lyrics and translations as well. I'd also love to hear what other albums there are out there with good singing and lyrics and translations included in the booklet. Also, does anyone have CDs with songs or know songs for Kakilambe and/or Sinte? Great thread you guys! I love how much it adds to the feeling in my groups when we sing the songs. I think it can really have a strong effect of pulling everyone together.

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